The Hydraulic Test Bench made and designed by Rexroth is the ultimate diagnostic tool capable of testing and repair of pumps and motors

►The bench panel includes gauges, flow meters, tachometers to measure the speed of the tested pumps and motors.

►This improved Test Bench design is computer generated and easy to manipulate and control.


►Standard mounting plate are furnished to easily accommodate all kinds of mounting needed

►Drive adapter equipment includes coupling and insert for keyed shaft

►Includes highly trained engineers for operating the bench and well trained technicians to assist the operator


►Suction and pressure hose with adaptors and quick connect for an easy installation of different types of pumps.

►Flanges for the different sizes of pump are well equipped for an easy and fastest adaption.

►Oil coolers with corresponding cooling towers that helps the system run with minimal heat.

►All types of control like solenoid valves, manual lever and other electrical operated.

►Digital instrumentation for an accurate and precise data and information.

►PLC programmed bench test machine with highly trained engineers.